Theme Nights

Jam Cruisers are some of the most fun, creative, and party-happy music fans in the world, and perhaps nothing exemplifies this more than the Jam Cruise theme nights! Get in the spirit and do your part to contribute to these witty and wacky celebrations which can be based off of anything from a chosen color to a period of history in human fashion and almost anything in between. Send us your suggested themes and contribute to the creative process! 

Level Up! Video Game Night

GAME ON. Choose your player, select your quest, and create your attire for a night of interactive role play. Relive your pinball wizard days and live in 8-bit color or power up to the present! Show off your favorite character from any retro or current video game, classic arcade, or computer game. Unleash your inner gamer… it’s on like Donkey Kong!

*Two more theme nights coming soon!*